We all are Tipsy Samurai here...

Tipsy Samurai is a drinking establishment with delicious authentic and creative Japanese cuisines. 


Yakitori is a Japanese chicken skewers which are commonly served at Izakayas (Japanese pubs). We grill them on the charcoal grill with special Japanese charcoals.



Ramen is one of the most popular noodle dish in the world. We cook pork bones and a lot of vegetables for hours and hours on fire to make the tonkotsu broth. 

Authentic & Creative

Based on our deep knowledge & experience on authentic Japanese cuisine, we create new dishes which go well with our beer, sake and cocktails.  

Burger & Wing

Burgers and wings are not only for western bars. We make these with unique and delicious Japanese flavours.

Sake & Craft Beer on Tap

We focus on bringing as much local craft beer as we can to you since Saskatchewan has a lot of great quality beers. 4 taps are engaged on Saskatchewan's craft beers rotating every keg. Sapporo is the fix tap representing the Japanese beer. We are the only place serving Sake on tap, and of course, the sake is the best kind imported from Japan.

   We started Wann Izakaya Japanese Gastropub on 1950 Broad st, Regina in 2016 as the Japanese style drinking and eating establishment. Our mission at Wann is to bring "Izakaya" (Japanese gastropub) culture and new dishes such as Ramen.

   Our next dream was to bring "Yakitori" which requires a special charcoal griller. This was a big challenge for us to get a special equipment and building a kitchen which we can use a charcoal. However, we believed the potencial of Yakitori since it has been increasingly getting popular around the world. Also we went to a yakitori izakaya in Tokyo to get a private training so that we can bring the best quality as good as you can get in Japan. 


   Since the concept of Izakaya is not common in Regina, it is hard for us to let people understand we are not only for food but also for drinks. By naming ourselves "Tipsy Samurai", we hope it gives the idea of "drinking" and "Japanese". Also we work with samurai spirit holding a yakitori skewer instead of samurai sword!